I have had a lot of incidents recently, that has made me have to look at what loyalty really is. I have come to realize that true loyalty is hard to find nowadays. The reason? Because if someone is truly loyal to you, it means that at some point in that relationship, there will come a time that they will find themselves in a situation where they might have to go against popular opinion in your defence. they will need to be strong enough to stand up for you. Or they will need to put their needs aside and do what’s best for you. They might need go up against someone else they are also “loyal” to in order to rectify a situation.Now days, people are not truly loyal to one another anymore. People are cowards, and human nature is sadly changing. Changing from protecting one another, to now protecting only themselves and protecting the image that they want to project onto others. Human’s are living lie, they no longer feel the need to speak up for what they believe in, they instead speak up for what they might not believe in, just to get them closer to their goal . A goal that will one day leave them lonely, empty and regretful. Loyalty, compassion and honesty is what’s makes us human, if we lose that, then what are we? a bunch of wild animals, always looking over our shoulders while we trample each other as we all race to the finish line? And then what? To enjoy the win alone, with no sounds of cheering or applause for your efforts! I would rather lose the race, and have people there to wipe away my tears, because I chose to lose, so that I could carry a friend who needed me, when the animals tried to trample them. Loyalty is hard to come by, if you are lucky enough to find it, hold onto it, treat it right and never let it go. And count yourself Blessed


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