before i met you

After I met you, things became more exciting, interesting and new

After I met you, everything that used to hurt became forgotten and insignificant

After I met you, my dreams became reality and achievable

After I met you, my fire was reignited, my hope was reborn and my heart was beating again.

After I met you, the void that i tried filling my whole life was gone

After I met you, I knew I had found my soul mate, no doubt, no questions, no fear.

After I met you, is when my life actually began, before you what I had was not a life, it was just a mere existence. Constantly running in no direction.

Now that I’ve met you, I’ve found my direction, and its perfect that I can carry on this journey with my hand safely inside yours.


To me, love is when I smile whenever I think of your face, To me, love is when I can fall asleep in your arms even after an fightTo me, love is when I run home after work just so I can have u in my spaceTo me, love is when I can see that you love me even at my worstTo me, love is when you are my best friend even when I disagree with what you just said!To me, love is when I can’t imagine ever having another person touch my bodyTo me, love is believing that every thing you tell me is the truthTo me, love is when I can truly be myself, no frills, no lies, no make up and you still look at me like I am the most beautiful thing you ever sawTo me, love is when I want to spend every minute with you because you make me laugh, even at myself!To me, love is what I have with you everyday and I can’t get enough of you!

“For the love of the trance dance”I hear the sound of the beat, my legs seem to move perfectly in sync with the flow of the tunes, without any effort. The sunshine warms my skin, as I throw my arms in the air, as the next beat threatens to be even more colorful than the last. The wet muddy grass cools my feet as it squelches between my toes. The music draws me closer to the front of the dance floor where I can feel the energy all around me, energy created by these happy dancing hippies who all seem so connected to each other, connected without even saying a word, expect for the occasional “whooohooooo”Everything is perfect, at this moment, even the juice bottle filled with warm wine that keeps finding it way to my lips tastes like rainbows and happiness.Beats become less colorful and more like beautifully mastered organized chaos, with peaks and falls, my feet don’t float as they dance now, instead I stomp my feet firmly into the cool muddy grass and I can’t help but shake my head as I power stomp with the new chaotic beats, this means we have arrived to the next level. People seems to arrive on the dance floor out of thin air, the sea of dancing heads seem to move as if they are connected to the same collective soul.Now you know the day session has started and there is no turning back now that u have given yourself over to music. U allow the music, the sunshine and the collective energy to take over your mind, spirit and body. You feel safe, and you know that this, is going to be one heck of a ride. Stomp til you can’t stomp no more!

I have had a lot of incidents recently, that has made me have to look at what loyalty really is. I have come to realize that true loyalty is hard to find nowadays. The reason? Because if someone is truly loyal to you, it means that at some point in that relationship, there will come a time that they will find themselves in a situation where they might have to go against popular opinion in your defence. they will need to be strong enough to stand up for you. Or they will need to put their needs aside and do what’s best for you. They might need go up against someone else they are also “loyal” to in order to rectify a situation.Now days, people are not truly loyal to one another anymore. People are cowards, and human nature is sadly changing. Changing from protecting one another, to now protecting only themselves and protecting the image that they want to project onto others. Human’s are living lie, they no longer feel the need to speak up for what they believe in, they instead speak up for what they might not believe in, just to get them closer to their goal . A goal that will one day leave them lonely, empty and regretful. Loyalty, compassion and honesty is what’s makes us human, if we lose that, then what are we? a bunch of wild animals, always looking over our shoulders while we trample each other as we all race to the finish line? And then what? To enjoy the win alone, with no sounds of cheering or applause for your efforts! I would rather lose the race, and have people there to wipe away my tears, because I chose to lose, so that I could carry a friend who needed me, when the animals tried to trample them. Loyalty is hard to come by, if you are lucky enough to find it, hold onto it, treat it right and never let it go. And count yourself Blessed

hi! i plan to use the forum to get my babblings out in the open! i hope you enjoy my scribbles, and even more.. i hope that sometimes my babblings can help you see things in a diffrent way! enjoy!

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